Multi Panels

Since the print is made on the back of polycarbonate which is an extremely durable material, panel's problems such as scratching, corrosion, shedding of the paint in time are eliminated.

The machine multi panels produced by Platin Endüstriyel Serigrafi are composed of 4 layers. These are respectively as follows: the protective folio that aims to protect the panel during process stages and can be detached by the end-user, Lexan or PVC, screen-printing paints constituting graphic and aluminium base. Since the printing is applied on the back-surface of polycarbonate which is highly durable material, the risk of scratching and wearing of panel and flaking of paint is eliminated.

Since the fastening is ensured by the studs behind the aluminium frame, there are no fasteners on the front part of panel and hence the aesthetic appearance is improved.

Resistant to ambient temperature between -40 and +130°C, the machine multi panels have resistance to solvents.

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