Membrane Panels, Electronic Device Panels

Panels are manufactured by serigraph print technique which is resistant to industrial conditions. Buttons can be manufactured as embossed and they are manufactured from polyester materials which is resistant to scratching. It is resistant to water, moisture and dust.

The front panels of electronic devices feature the following properties :

  • Resistance to water, humidity and damp
  • Resistance to dust and weather
  • Aesthetic appearance and unlimited alternatives in graphic design of panels
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Non-wiping or non-fading of scripts, figures and symbols due to back-surface screen-printing technique.
  • Time saving due to easy panel assembly
  • Cos-effectiveness of minor orders since they are more economical than other systems
  • Embossed or normal buttons. The sense of pushing button is more perceivable on panels with embossed buttons.
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