Electronic Board (Printed Circuit-PCB) Production

PCB, namely printed circuit found in the electronic devices provides the electrical transmission of electronic components which will be mounted on.

PCB- Printed Circuit Board- available in all electronic devices ensures the joint electric conduction of electric components that will be assembled on it. The tracks on printed circuit board are produced through various processes and the legs of electronic components are soldered on this surface. One of the components of PCB, “Solder Mask” is the non-conductive and painted part which is green or other colour. This mask protects the copper tracks on PCB and prevents the expansion of solder on the legs of electronic components and short circuit. “Assembly Printing” that consists of symbols to indicate the positions and types of electronic components is applied on this mask via screen-printing technique.

Through electronic open diagram drawing, Platin Endüstriyel Elektronik draws the electronic printed circuit and produces it.

PBCs that we produce can be single/ double-sided and also can have plated-through hole.

Our production process starts following the receipt of required film outputs from PCB drawing files (GERBER) that you will send to us.

Also, we can perform Electronic Project Services and Prototype R&D Type- Printed Circuit Production.

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