Aluminium Labels

It is preferred especially in places where temperature is too high. Its resistance to temperature is higher than the other labels. Its back can be glued or it is installed as centering.

The procedures that can be performed on aluminium labels using screen-printing technique can be listed in 3 categories as described below. A procedure is applied following the selection of the printing technique according to the desires of customers and properties of product. It is aimed to use the most proper technique and ensure customer satisfaction. Aluminium labels are preferred especially in high-temperature places. Their resistance to temperature is higher than that of other labels.

It is possible to attach or put a sticker behind aluminium labels via centring procedure.

High-Micron Aluminium Labels :

The printing which is applied using different operations on the material penetrates into aluminium. Thus, fading and discolouration due to sun is not possible in those labels. Even if the surface of material is scratched, there will be no scratches on the printing.

Acid Sinking on Aluminium :

An acidic stuff is poured by a special technique on the part of aluminium required to be sunk. Colouring procedure can be applied on this sunken part by pouring the paint of desired colour. Even if the paint washes out later, the label will be kept intact since this part is sunken.

Screen-printing on Aluminium :

Screen-printing is applied on aluminium via direct printing technique. It is possible to attach or put a sticker behind it via centring procedure.

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